About Frolov Gallery

Frolov Gallery was founded in 2001. Until August of 2010, it was known as pARTnerproject Gallery.

Frolov Gallery specializes on contemporary art by both Russian and international artists. As a result of collaborative projects with major Russian museums such as State Russian Museum, State Literature Museum, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Schusev State Museum of Architecture (MUAR) large scale exhibitions have been produced.

Frolov Gallery sees great importance in bringing major international artists to Russia and acquainting international audience with contemporary Russian art.

Frolov Gallery has a photographic department that focuses on promoting contemporary Russian photography outside and showing leading international photographers in Russia.

High standards of professionalism call for qualified specialists, therefore best curators and critics are attracted for each specific project and collaborate with Frolov Gallery on daily basis.

Besides exhibitional activities Frolov Gallery also offers educational courses on the history of collecting, history of art and photography.