Bogdan Mamonov

A trip to the city of the dead I. 1988

The Grandmother I. 2005

Phaine Is Eating Strawberry and Cream… I. 2007

Three Sisters II. 2007

In My Infancy I Thought… I. 2005

At Times He Would Dance Even in the Dead of Night… I. 2010.Mixed media on canvas.150 x 150 cm

Innocent fun I. 2008

Innocent fun II. 2008

He Would Even Parade Her Naked in Front of His Friends…2011

A tank. 2006

A trip to the city of the dead II. 1988

The Grandmother II. 2005

Liberté. 2007

Liberté. 2007

In My Infancy I Thought… II. 2005

He Spared Neither His Nor Anybody Else’s Blushes… II. 2013

The silence of a gun. 2009

The Sooner He Was Able to Convict Them of…2011

Looks like ape IV. 2006

A portrait of a stranger V. 1992

A letter. 2006

Three Sisters I. 2007

Looks like ape II. 2006

I Thought… III. 2005

A Jump. 2007

Happiness is a worm gun. 2008

That is the Way. 2009

He Came Out Running to Them to the Sound of Flutes and Cog Rattles… 2011