Claudia Rogge (b. 1968) is a well known German artist. Lives and works in Dusseldorf.

She works with photography, video installations and performance. Her large scale photographic works impress the viewer with multiplicity of details weaving into a pattern resembling that of a kaleidoscope. We see an endless amount of naked female bodies that seems to over flow the frame borders, or black suited dandies swinging hula-hoops, or endlessly replicated identical images. In the process of creation of such composition thousands of images of each figure are produced and compiled in to a whole with great accuracy and attention to lighting and scaling of each detail.

The artist explores the relations between the individual and masses, where one has to confront the contemporary world and at the same time tune in the processes of globalization and unification. The reflections on this theme are to be found in other works of the artist. In her well known action “mob IL1” and “mob IL2”, a specially constructed vehicle drove through European cities shocking the public with it’s glass truck filled with plastic baby-toy heads in the first case and identical kneeling male figures in the second.