Boris Smelov

Dream II. 1970

Two-Faced Janus, 1971

Sound of the Oboe. 1972

Man with a Bucket. 1973

Snowfall. 1970s

Still Life with Two Shot Glasses. 1970s

Looking Down. 1975

Pavlovsk. Apollo. 1984

Lions Bridge. 1986

The Summer Garden. Terpsichore. 1980s

Fontanka’s End. 1990

Poplar Fuzz. 1994

Grand Cascade. 1995

Dandelions. 1995

Saint Nicholas Cathedral and Pikalov Bridge on Griboedov Canal. 1995

Courtyard on Vasilievsky Island. 1990S

Raskolnikov’s Stairwell. 1970s

Winter Canal. Night. 1972

On the Griboedov Canal. 1972

Smoker. 1974

Minerva. 1976

Apollo. The Summer Garden. 1978

Lamp Post on Lions Bridge. 1970s

ThreeArched Bridge. 1982

Still Life with Cracks in the Glass. 1980S

A Stroll with Toto. 1986

Spotted Lilies. 1987

Sennoi Bridge. 1993

My Home Is My Planet. 1994

By the Bridge of Kisses (Potseluev Bridge). 1995

Spring Frog Hunt. 1995

Still Life with Dandelions. 1988

Self-Portrait. 1997

Volkovo Cemetery. 1971

Still Life with Retort and Watch. 1973

Griboedov Canal. 1972

Dove. 1975

Still Life under a Cello Table. 1977

Flood on the Palace Embankment 11/11/1978

View of the Spit of Vasilievsky Island during a Flood. 1980

Wingless Angel (Smolenskoe Cemetery). 1980S

Fisherman. 1985

Spirit of the Neva. 1986

Why Did I Outlive You My Love. 1987

Centaur Bridge – II. 1994

Nikolaevsky Bridge. 1995

Marienthal. Pavlovsk. 1995

Still Life (Self-Portrait in a Mirror). 1995

New Holland. 1996