Presentation of the album “City Prose” by the photographer Andrey Chezhin

Multimedia Art Museum and Frolov Gallery are delighted to invite you to a meeting with Andrey Chezhin, a legendary photographer of Saint Petersburg, on the occasion of the presentation of his new album “City Prose” (660 pages). The event will take place on the 27th of May at 6pm. The guests will also have a chance to meet with Maria Scheinin – the author-compiler of the album, an art historian, an art critic, a curator and an expert in the field of contemporary and process art, an art director of the International project "XXI Century Gallery" and a member of the International Association of Art Critics. The moderator of the meeting is Anatoly Zlobovsky, a photography expert, a lecturer, an author of numerous articles, a curator of exhibition projects in Russia and abroad, a collector, a founder of AZ Foundation.

The album was released in 2014 by the publishing house “Chisty List” in Saint Petersburg and for the very first time it will be presented to Moscow photography connoisseurs and admirers of the artist’s works. The album includes all 14 series of works created so far and devoted to Saint Petersburg: “The City by Touch” (1991), “Phantom City” (1992), “Trace” (1995), “Neva Font” (1994), “Prism City” (1994), “Myth City” (1994), “Heavenly City” (1995), “Escherian Space” (1996), “Cross City” (1996), “Shift” (1996), “Herd” (1997), “Transparent Dreams” (1996-1997), “Petersburg 2000” (2000), “From the Bucket” (2003).
Andrey Chezhin is a leading Saint Petersburg photographer of the late 20th - early 21st century. He was born in Leningrad in 1960. In 1982 he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Film Engineers. During his Institute years Andrey became involved with photography. He joined the famous photo club “Mirror” in 1985 and later the “TAK” group (1987-1996). Chezhin became a member of such organizations as “Photopostscriptum” Art Association in 1993, the Russian Union of Art Photographers in 1995, “Free Culture” Partnership in 1996, the International Federation of Artists (IFA) in 1998. Besides, he is a founder and a member of the annual festival “Autumn Photo Marathon” (1999-2005). Chezhin is the director of the “PHOTOimage” gallery and of his own “Museum of a Drawing-Pin”. He had 90 solo exhibitions and participated in over 180 group exhibitions in Russia and abroad.
Emphasizing the self-sufficiency of the classical analogue photography, Chezhin fundamentally does not work with a digital camera and never resorts to computer image processing. However, one can see that the artist excellently handles all the shades and nuances of a photography art.
Chezhin applies the staged and manipulated photography, uses a photogram technique, a multiple exposure while shooting, a serial printing from a few negatives on a wet photographic paper, a combination of a negative and a positive. He works with ancient photographic films, manually fine-tunes the negatives by scratching the film and tones the prints.

Today the iconography of Saint Petersburg is unthinkable without the photo series by Andrey Chezhin, just like the history of the Russian art of photography of the late 20th century is unthinkable without his technically virtuosic conceptual projects.
The credo of Andrey Chezhin:
- unpredictability of the photographic process;
- conceptuality of the photographic process;
- self-sufficiency of the photographic means of expression.
The event will take place on the 27th of May at 6pm at Multimedia Art Museum, Ostozhenka st., 16.
Admission is free requiring pre-registration