Victory over the Sun" at the "Udarnik"

The Stas Namin Theatre in a collaboration with The Russian Museum has contributed to the revival of the classical Russian avant-garde and has recreated the legendary opera "Victory Over the Sun". This year the project entered a special program within the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. On the 26th of September a private screening of the opera will be held at the "Udarnik" cinema. The event will be organized by BREUS Foundation and Frolov Gallery and supported by AVC Charity Foundation with the participation of The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya.

The futurist opera "Victory over the Sun" created in 1913, is a genuine legend of the Russian avant-garde. It comprises the wit by Velimir Khlebnikov and Alexei Kruchionykh, the suprematist costumes by Kazimir Malevich, the musical experiments by Matyushin and moreover – even the famous “Black Square” first appeared as a part of the decoration in this opera. Though, in fact, the opera was not practically accomplished in a theatre. The first staging organized by the authors in the same year of 1913 was actually amateur due to the lack of opportunities. All the next versions of the opera – there were very few because of the abstruse content – were more like free interpretations “based on the opera”.

The Stas Namin Theatre in a collaborative project with The Russian Museum has set a nontrivial goal: to reconstruct the authors’ initial idea by fulfilling a profound study of all the existing opera materials and then realize it on the stage. The result of a great work was an opera, which one can easily call the most authentic to the authors’ idea performance.

The music by Michael Matyushin was delicately reproduced and set for two grand pianos by the composer Alexander Slizunov. The idea of the complex calisthenics of the play belongs to Ekaterina Goryacheva. The costumes are the precise copies of the famous sketches of Kazimir Malevich. The scenography, based on the Malevich’s notes and sketches, was created by Gregory Brodsky. The performance was directed by Stas Namin and Andrey Rossinsky.

In June 2015 "Victory over the Sun" with great success was staged at the City Theatre in Basel (Switzerland) in the framework of the biggest contemporary art fair "Art Basel". After the event the opera received an invitation from Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris.

The private show at the "Udarnik" cinema will present the opera to the Moscow public. The event will take place in the status of a special project of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.
The choice of the venue is not accidental. "Udarnik" – is the project of the famous architect Boris Iofan, a unique monument of constructivism and a part of the complex of a famous House on the Embankment. Built in 1931 "Udarnik" was a breakthrough in urban planning of the Soviet Moscow. The opera "Victory over the Sun" was also a groundbreaking event in the theatrical culture of the 20th century. The opera staging at the "Udarnik" cinema is intended to emphasize the importance and symbolic connection between these events for the Russian and world culture.

Wide audience will see the opera "Victory Over the Sun" in the new season at the Stas Namin Theatre.